Stamp Price Increase 2012 [Infographic]

A stamp price increase finally came into force on the 30th April 2012. A first class stamp now costs 60 pence, having risen from 46p, while a second-class stamp costs 50p after going up from 36p. The announcement of the price rises came after the regulator Ofcom lifted some price controls on Royal Mail. It claimed the future of the universal service was at “severe risk” without relaxing controls. Royal Mail declared that the price of posting cards at Christmas would be the same as 2011 for customers on employment and pension credit and support allowance or incapacity benefit. They’ll be in a position to purchase as much as 3 books of 12 stamps – 36 as a whole – in a single purchase from every Post Office from November the 6th up until the last posting days before Christmas. Customers must prove they’re in receipt of such benefits.

The below infographic outlines a few reasons as to why the stamp price increase has occurred and some solutions that both individuals and companies can take advantage of to tackle the issue.The infographic is rounded off with a brief history of the Royal Mail starting from 1635 right through to the present day.

Stamp Price Rise

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