Stamp Price Increase 2012

Stamp Price Increase 2012How Will The Stamp Price Increase Effect Online Buying/Selling?

The increase in price of postage stamps will naturally have a number of effects for online self-retailers using sites like eBay. Most people use these sites with the use of Royal Mail to send packages, and unfortunately, no matter what you plan on sending, it is now going to cost you much more than it previously did. The amount you pay for delivery will depend on the weight of the package or letter and the class of the stamp; the following information outlines the stamp price increase 2012 across the package and letter weight range and for first and second class delivery.

Royal Mail Stamp Price Changes

The UK stamp price increase has been in effect since 30 April 2012. For first class, there is an increase from 46p to 60p for all letters weighing up to 100g. For the same letter range but in second class, prices have gone up from 36p to 50p. For large letters, first class stamps range between 90p and £2.30 depending on the weight of the letter, and second class stamps range between 69p and £1.90 again depending on the weight of the letter.

There will now be a standard flat rate for packages that weigh up to 750g, which will now cost £2.70 for first class and £2.20 for second class. For any packages above 750g, the price will depend on the weight. Special recorded delivery (delivered by 1pm the following day) now costs £5.90.

International Price Changes

Prices for sending letters and packages abroad have also increased. Any letters weighing up to 20g now cost 87p instead of 68p. For letters above 20g there are also increases, and the price will depend on whether you are sending to Europe or to World Zones 1 or 2. Small packages weighing up to 100g now cost £2.70 for sending within Europe and £3.30 for sending to World Zones 1 or 2. For packages weighing over 100g, the price will also depend on the weight of the package, and where you are sending.

Further Information

The Royal Mail website contains information on prices for all weight ranges to Europe, World Zone 1 and World Zone 2, and it also covers all price ranges for all packet and letter weights, so if you cannot find what you are looking for here, please consult their site.

Why Are Prices Increasing?

These stamp price increases are significant (the rise is between 30%-40%) and many people are concerned about it. The stamp price increase will affect the livelihood of people who engage in online selling, with many people stating that it is now not cost efficient to buy and sell though sites like eBay as it once was. The increases are the result of Royal Mail taking significant losses over the last few years, primarily due to the economy. The increase have thus been enacted so that the organization can return to “financial viability”, and goes alongside restructuring and downsizing of the business. It is a fact of life given the current economic crisis, though there are ways to reduce the impact, by for example franking your mail instead of buying stamps.

Royal Mail price increases

Stamps Old price New price

Source: Royal Mail

First-class stamp



Second-class stamp



Large letter up to 100g: first-class



Large letter up 100g: second-class




First-class up to 750g

£1.58 - 3.05


Second-class up to 750g

£1.33 - £2.61



First-class 100g franked letter



Second-class 100g franked letter



Recorded signed for item