Postage Rates – Stamp or Frank?

It is no lie that Royal Mail has substantially increased postage rates for first- and second-class stamps. In 2007, it cost 33p for a first-class stamp and 24p for a second-class stamp, but in 2012 it is now 60p for first-class and 50p for second-class (for letters under 100g). For heavier items and other services there has been a similarly proportionate increase in price. Prices for franking mail have also increased since 2007, but these increases have been smaller than for stamps. There is now a larger price gap between stamps and franks than there ever has been which means there is definitely room to save money by switching to a franking machine. Don’t allow this recent change in the postage rates discourage you from sending mail, since there are alternative solutions available.

Stamp or Frank?

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