How to sell and determine the value of old postage stamps

How to sell and determine the value of old postage stampsIf you are considering investing in old stamps then you need to be aware of the value of them. Some stamps are very sought after and therefore valuable items that many collectors would like to have in their collections. With the advent of the Internet, it has never been easier for amateur stamp collectors to find out information about old stamps.

Collecting Franking Marks

Stamp collecting can be expensive particularly if you want to acquire rare and distinguished stamps. A low cost alternative would be to collect franking marks. You can spot many different Franking marks, historical franking marks such as logos, any unusual franking marks made and unusual or incorrect town dies – such as printing the county instead of the town. A great online resource is Meter Franking.

The Internet

There are many websites specialising in stamp collecting and this is where you can find a lot of information about old stamps. You can request an experts’ advice online although at some stage if you think the stamp is valuable, then you would have to show them it in ‘the flesh’ so to speak. However, if you just need some general information about any stamps you have in your collection, the Internet is a very good place to start out.

Stamp Collecting Conventions

Another place you will come across experts is at stamp collecting conventions. These are held all over the country at different times of the year. You could even join an online stamp collecting club such as Stamporama if you are eager to learn more about old stamps.

Ask a Few Experts

One thing you can do is to seek advice from numerous old stamp experts. Very often even expert opinions on old stamps can differ, so by asking several experts you will end up with a clearer idea on the value of any stamps you might own and whether or not they would be worth trading or selling some experts can be found here.

Specialist Stamp Shops

There are many specialised stamp shops all over the country. A lot of these shops have websites which makes contacting them that much easier. You will soon know whether or not you have any valuable stamps in a collection as well as getting advice on the best way of selling them should you want to.

Auction Sites

Old stamps are often sold very well through online auctions. Selling through an online auction can mean reaching a far larger audience. There are serious stamp collectors all over the world and online stamp auctions attract these foreign buyers who are always on the lookout for old stamps.

Collecting stamps as well as selling and trading them can be a big business especially if the stamps are rare. Rare stamps command huge amounts of money especially when they are sold at auction with foreign collectors vying to buy them to add to their existing collections.

Stamp Collecting Forums

There are also many stamp collecting forums on the Internet these days such as Stamp Forum or Stamp Boards and this is another great place to find out what old stamps may be worth. You can also learn which stamps are the most sought after. Some collectors concentrate on collecting stamps from specific countries, so if you know what they are looking for, then you can look out for these stamps in order to buy and sell them online in specialised auctions. You can even try to sell stamps on sites like eBay, which is another great way of finding out if you have any that are valuable or not.

Stamp collecting is a fun pass time that can turn into a serious money making business, but you need to know what you are doing. The best place to find as much information as you can about any old stamps is to go online and do a little research before attempting to sell them.